What We Do

Publication Point, LLC is a web-based advertising agency focused on the placement of legal notices in newspapers; utilizing a proprietary software system.

Our automated service provides efficiencies and cost savings for local governments, courts, law firms and newspapers. Our secure online platform is designed to reduce the time and costs involved in publishing legal notices for both our customers and the publishers. From the placement of notices to the filing of publication affidavits, our automated processes and notice verification system will minimize errors and reduce work for your staff. Publication Point will prepare the affidavits of Publication and email them directly to your staff.

By combining the best of what newspapers and technology can offer, we meet our customers’ goal of keeping the public notified. All of Publication Point’s newspaper partners comply with state and local laws governing the placement of legal notices in newspapers.

Publication Point, LLC is committed to the idea that newspapers are the best method to maintain a permanent record of each positing.

Law Firms: Complete Legal Notice Fulfillment Services

Placement: Prompt placement in newspapers with real time updates of run dates and cost.

Newspapers: Notices are only published in newspapers that comply with state statutes.

Verification: Each run of every notice will be verified that it was published on time.

Cancellations: Ability to cancel notices online and receive updated costs and invoices.

Affidavits: After the last run is verified, Affidavits of Publication will be emailed to your firm. Original copies will be delivered when required.

Search by case number, county, file number, plaintiff, defendant, notice type, Sale date, default date. All notice details are stored online including invoices and affidavits.

Security: Each person having access to Publication Point's online platform will have their own user name and password. Internal logs will be kept on all notices placed and processed.

System Integration: Ask us about integration with your case management system for optimum savings.

Newspapers: Legal Notice Fulfillment Services

Notices: Publication Point will Proof notices prior to publication and will follow up with law firms as needed.

Scheduling: All notices will be scheduled based on state statutes for each type of notice. Notices will be assigned by using your newspaper's deadline and publication dates.

Placement: Publication Point will email your staff the text of the notice in the body of the email and will also attach a .txt file for your convenience. The number of runs, scheduled run dates and cost will also be in the placement email.

Verification: Each run of every notice will be verified that is was published correctly and on time. Publication point will send comprehensive production lists at deadline to ensure all notices will be in the next publication. Production lists sent on the day of publication to check actual publication. Publication Point staff will verifies notices through e-tears.

Affidavit of Publication: Publication Point will prepare and email affidavits of Publication.

Invoicing & Payments: Provides a single contact point for invoicing and payments.

Ask us about integration with your publishing system for optimum savings.

Coming soon! E-tear services.

Coming soon! Pre-publication verification.